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Crompton is a trademark of Crompton Parkinson Ltd. And is issued by TE Connectivity under licence.

Crompton Instruments


Integra DMS

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Proven Performance for Industry

Crompton products provide all the measurement technology required for effective energy management, including digital metering systems, transducers and communications protocols. For installation upgrades, existing metering can be integrated into modern computer based systems using either analogue, pulses or digital signals.

Crompton products offer a wide range of process control equipment designed specifically to operate in demanding environments. Protector trip relays and meter relays accurately measure and control a wide variety of processes, and offer protection of expensive power assets to a diverse array of industries.

The brand Crompton Instruments is synonymous with quality and service throughout the world in the switchboard and panel building industry. To suit requirements, Crompton products offer analogue instruments, transducers, digital metering systems, electronic relay and control devices.

To meet traditional requirements and address contemporary influences of the Test and Measurement industry Crompton products offer a wide range of analogue and digital panel meters in varying formats and styles. Crompton products provide the OEM with custom solutions for all measurement and display applications.

Crompton Instruments offer a limited range of metal cased sealed instruments designed specifically for use in military applications. These exceptionally durable products operate in harsh conditions including extreme vibration, temperatures, contamination and humidity.

Crompton Instruments products: applied innovation for the entire electrical energy circle, from power generation to final consumers.

Beginning with a variant of the Serrin arc lamp, this heritage continues with the Integra digital metering systems (DMS), energy management package and innovative product design that demonstrate a continuing commitment to putting new technology and ideas to work in the marketplace.

  • Power Generation
  • Energy Management
  • Process Control
  • Marine
  • Switchgear & Control Panel Builders
  • Utilities
  • Test and Measurement
  • Department of Defense
Transformers & Shunts

Starting with analog instruments, the product range had widened by the 1970’s to include transducers, protector trip relays and current transformers. During the 1990’s this portfolio was strengthened with a progressive upgrade to micro-based integrated technology from discrete circuitry. More recently, TE Connectivity has added more sophisticated digital metering systems to the Crompton instruments product portfolio.

Panel Meters

Switchboard Meters

Protector Relays